Namely the Internet, according to Ferrara, who screened his 1992 indie film Bad Lieutenant, starring Harvey Keitel,  at Anthology Film Archives this past weekend.

“Watching this film, it’s kind of sad,” Ferrara said. “At that time, there was some kind of indie film scene going on, and we could make a film and get it distributed. Why that indie film industry isn’t there [now] is caught up in the changing times.”

The director went on to describe the difficulties he’s had getting his 50-Cent-headlined “Jekyll and Hyde” adaptation off the ground.

Ferrara’s basic point is that the Internet suggests independence while actually promoting copycatting and copyright infringement, diffusing the independent creativity of artists like Jim Jarmusch and Ferrara himself, who once were able make films on the streets of New York for nothing, AND get them distributed.

I urge any interested to read both the Spout article this update comes from and this other little ditty on Ferrara’s epic hate of the upcoming Werner Herzog’s remake of Bad Lieutenant.

What do you think of Ferrara’s opinion on the Internet and the future of the independent film?

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