When friend and Film Stage contributor Ethan Vestby suggested I watch Nate Wilson’s The All Golden, I did so with no expectations of what might follow. My enthusiasm was frankly non-existent, having no sense of what the film even is. But within seconds I understood The All Golden would not be anywhere in the territory of what constitutes contemporary independent cinema, instead playing like a nightmare collision of IRL and URL experiences so endemic to this day and age, and a movie to embody film as the medium without a future––the medium perpetually open to new directions. It’s also plainly fucking funny, with a star-making turn by In a Violent Nature‘s Lea Rose Sebastianis.

The All Golden is operating without distribution, making notable its screening this Wednesday at New York’s Roxy Cinema, with a Los Angeles showing to follow on June 2 at the WHAMMY! Analog; the former features a new short co-directed by Wilson and Eugene Kotlyarenko, while the latter boasts three new works from Damon Packard. Ahead of these screenings we’re glad to exclusively debut two clips that well convey the scope and span of this sui generis-beyond-compare film.

Watch below:

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