The Simpsons

Although one can’t be certain with a film that looms this large, I believe the first time I became at all aware of Citizen Kane was through The Simpsons‘ eleventh-season episode “Guess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner?” (Consider the rather terrible quality and clipped-off ending of this clip a representation of my memories of youth.) This is but one example of a direct connection that I can still directly recall, and I found myself, in an experience not unlike rewatching an episode you’ve not seen in more than a decade, flooded with flashbacks and new associations when watching a nifty video essay edited by Celia Gómez and conceived by Jesús Sahuquillo.

You don’t need me to go any further when this explains itself, so watch below:

For another look, check out a video from a few years prior featuring more references:

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