Quentin Tarantino Paul Thomas Anderson

As if Radiohead‘s unused Bond theme wasn’t sufficient, here’s a second Christmas present: Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson sat down in the former’s screening room, where Deadline‘s Pete Hammond led a 40-minute discussion of The Hateful Eight (review here), their passion for 70mm, what the format means to them, and how the “event” quality of this release could be a step towards saving celluloid.

The talk illuminates their creative backgrounds, and at least a bit revealing in other ways. Tarantino and Anderson’s friendship has been known of since the ’90s, but the two (as far as I know) have never even been photographed together. (This is just about the best window we have into their relationship.) So while the general value is a bit more geared towards shop talk, seeing them side-by-side — observing the, well, pronounced difference in their body language and diction — is its own weird pleasure.

Watch it below:

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