Richard Linklater

As the film portion of South by Southwest Film Festival winds down, easily one the biggest highlights started at the beginning. Opening Richard Linklater‘s hometown festival was his latest feature Everybody Wants Some!!, which we quite liked, and since he was so close by, he stuck around for an extensive talk, alongside Tyler Hoechlin, and Linklater’s college baseball teammate Rick Keeler. More intriguing than one’s average post-film discussion, they discuss teamwork and how it echoes in other various aspects of life, and much more.

Also stopping by the festival for talks was Joel Edgerton for Midnight Special, the Duplass Brothers (seemingly a staple there with their many projects). On the television side, there’s a post-screening discussion with the Vice Principals team, discussing their follow-up to Eastbound & Down, as well as the Silicon Valley guys discussing technology, a extensive talk with Ellen Page, as well as a shorter Demolition Q&A featuring Jake Gyllenhaal. Last, but not least, President Obama gave a keynote, which is available to watch in full. Check out everything below and more on SXSW’s channel.

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