After commissioning short films by some of the world’s greatest directors––Tsai Ming-liang, Bertrand Bonello, Jean-Marie Straub, Richard Linklater, Christian Petzold, Jafar Panahi––Paris’ Centre Pompidou continues their self-portrait series Où en êtes-vous? (more or less Where Are You?) with Joanna Hogg, marking her first work since last year’s The Eternal Daughter.

Pace that film (and their Souvenir counterparts) it emotionally orients around Hogg’s feelings towards her mother, the dissociation of traveling in faraway Los Angeles, and even bears intimations of Daughter‘s ghost story––all shot in a form suggesting (or outright adopting) first-person POV while edited at a far faster clip than her typically stately style. This is a nice little corner of her filmography to see filled out, with any luck the prelude to a new feature.

Watch by clicking the below image:

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