While it’s not the first time she’s played double duty (or beyond), having done so in Hail, Caesar!, Suspiria, and Okja, The Eternal Daughter marks the most emotionally profound and impressive use of multiple Tilda Swintons. Reteaming with Joanna Hogg once again, Swinton plays both daughter and mother in this captivating, haunting tale. Following stops at Venice, TIFF, NYFF, and BFI London, A24 will thankfully give it a release before the end of the year and now the first trailer has arrived.

Luke Hicks said in his review, “Hogg layers the horror elements in like Halloween decoration, dressing for a genealogical drama unconcerned with genre tropes outside their bearing on reality. That’s not to say there isn’t a tangible fear or dread baked in, but it’s of an existential nature—the kind that takes hold when you hear yourself organically repeating something your mother said earlier with the exact same tone and diction. Or the kind that comes when you leave your body and remember fully, once again, how much life your parents have lived without you or even the knowledge of you, how different they must be in certain ways, and how the same will be true for anyone who has children.”

Watch the trailer below.

The Eternal Daughter opens on December 2.

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