“I choose my characters quite intuitively, so there’s never a thought of, like, ‘I need to play this character.’ If it was down to that question I think I wouldn’t ever play any characters, you know?,” Vicky Krieps recently told Mitchell Beaupre in their interview for The Film Stage. “I need to go sit in the forest, but I don’t need to play any specific character. It’s not a need of mine. It’s more like this intuitive thing that’s calling me, that gets my attention and makes me want to dive into it.”

For her latest role Krieps stars as Empress Elisabeth of Austria in an anachronistic biopic that skirts the cliches of the genre in thrilling ways. Corsage, directed by Marie Kreutzer, premiered at Cannes to much acclaim (as well as an acting award for Krieps) and following stops at TIFF and NYFF, it’ll arrive in theaters in late December from IFC Films. Now selected as Austria’s Official Oscar® Entry for Best International Feature Film, the first trailer has arrived.

Rory O’Connor said in our review, “In Corsage, Vicky Krieps delivers a performance brimming with salty despondency and inner life. Gasping for breath in the garment from which this film takes its title, the Luxembourgish actress stars as Elisabeth Eugenie, the 19th-century Hungarian queen and Hapsburg empress tasked with quietly presiding over a kingdom in its early stages of unraveling. The director is Marie Kreutzer, an Austrian filmmaker whose previous effort, The Ground Beneath My Feet, told another story of a woman and an unraveling. While that film competed for the Golden Bear, Corsage took Kreutzer all the way to Cannes, making a splash in Un Certain Regard and justifiably rewarding Krieps for her work.”

See the trailer below.

Corsage opens on December 23.

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