Absurdist Animation Runs Wild in Trailer for ‘My Entire High School Is Sinking Into The Sea’

Written by on February 22, 2017 


The first trailer has arrived for the surrealist animation debut of Dash Shaw. Rather accurately titled My Entire High School Is Sinking Into The Sea, the film follows a high school that is… sinking into the sea.  Expanding on that title, it also follows a group of students (including those voiced by Jason SchwartzmanLena Dunham, and Reggie Watts) that are trying to survive this hazardous event. Mixing a number of comedic styles — including a genius use of the side scrolling beat-’em-up’s of video game eras past — the film looks to mesh them with a beating heart at its center.

We said in our review, “Writer/director Dash Shaw’s hand-drawn picture is fun and slight without overstaying its welcome. It never runs out of energy and is constantly in a state of innovation and surprise, parodying pop culture references as vast as Deep Blue Sea and Peanuts.” See the trailer below, courtesy of GKIDs (who will release it this April), along with a poster for the film that also stars Maya Rudolph and Susan Sarandon.

From acclaimed cartoonist Dash Shaw (New School) comes an audacious debut that is equal parts disaster cinema, high school comedy and blockbuster satire, told through a dream-like mixed media animation style that incorporates drawings, paintings and collage. Dash (Jason Schwartzman) and his best friend Assaf (Reggie Watts) are preparing for another year at Tides High School muckraking on behalf of their widely-distributed but little-read school newspaper, edited by their friend Verti (Maya Rudolph). But just when a blossoming relationship between Assaf and Verti threatens to destroy the boys’ friendship, Dash learns of the administration’s cover-up that puts all the students in danger. As disaster erupts and the friends race to escape through the roof of the school, they are joined by a popular know-it- all (Lena Dunham) and a lunch lady (Susan Sarandon) who is much more than meets the eye. But even as the film piles on brilliant details like a post-apocalyptic cult formed by jocks, video game homages, and an infectious synth soundtrack, it never loses sight of the characters at the heart of the story. Hailed as “the most original animated film of the year” and “John Hughes for the Adult Swim generation” (Indiewire), the film’s everyday concerns of friendships, cliques and young love re- mind us how the high school experience continues to shape who we become, even in the most unusual of circumstances.


My Entire High School Is Sinking Into The Sea hits theaters on April 14th.

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