The Iront Giant

With a Signature Edition of Brad Bird‘s beloved animation The Iron Giant arriving shortly a new documentary that premiered at Comic-Con will also be included, titled The Giant’s Dream. Now, a teaser has been released for the documentary, which shows the eccentric and visionary rebel director handling his first big studio picture.

Bird isn’t afraid to speak his mind, calling out Disney films of the time in vintage footage of him in an office, notecards splattering the wall behind him as he discusses the issues with their films with vivid verbal reenactment. With a ragtag group of filmmakers, Bird would go on to make a legendary piece of animated cinema — one that still brings a tear to the eyes of adults with its crushing ending.

See the trailer below, with a hat tip to Slash Film, along with a video on the playfulness of Bird’s films.

Pre-order the Signature Edition of The Iron Giant here, which will be released September 9.

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