It’s the reason I go to film festivals. I could anticipate loving Darren Aronofsky‘s Black Swan or Danny Boyle‘s 127 Hours, but it is a special moment when you discover a gem. Richard Ayoade‘s Submarine is just that. It’s a coming-of-age tale that is full of wit and bursting with life in every scene.

Many have compared it Wes Anderson‘s work, but the rigidly precise framing and contrived dialogue doesn’t define the film here. While a few of these qualities creep up, Ayoade injects more life into his characters. Craig Roberts is perfect as our lead Oliver Tate, a witty 15-year-old who is trying to balance his first relationship, as well as the crumbling one of his parents (Sally Hawkins and Noah Taylor).

With an overabundance of charm, Ayoade’s directorial debut has that rare magic spark many films lack. I’m confident it will get picked up for distribution soon. I also recorded a video response to the film with Chase Whale of Check it out below.

The lead character Oliver Tate gives his synopsis of the film:

I have been waiting too long for the film of my life. My name is Oliver Tate. This film will capture my particular idiosyncrasies, for example, the way I seduce my classmate Jordana Bevan using only my mind.  Also, since my parents’ marriage is being threatened by a man who runs courses on Mental and Physical Wellbeing, the film will probably feature some elaborate set-pieces of me taking him down. There will be helicopter shots. There will be slow-mo, but also transcendent moments, like when I cure my father’s depression. Knowing me as I do, I will be surprised if this film runs to less than three hours. Note to the press: appropriate adjectives to describe this film include “breath-taking” and “irresistible” as well the phrase: “a monumental achievement”.

Submarine currently doesn’t have distribution but you can check out London, UK screenings here.

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