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This spring here at The Film Stage we partnered with Cinephile to present Cinephile Game Night, a livestream series on Twitter that aims to bring attention and support to charities supporting the film community and beyond. We’re now excited to announce our summer lineup, featuring The Big Picture podcast, the Unspooled podcast, Pajiba, ScreenCrush, Battleship Pretension, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Vidiots, and more.

Each evening features The Film Stage crew, including Jordan Raup, Conor O’Donnell, Dan Mecca, and Cinephile creator Cory Everett, and a rotating roster of special guests as we test our knowledge of movie trivia in this online version, adapted for our current self-isolated times. With each show lasting about an hour, we’ll square off and play a few rounds of Cinephile: A Card Game, including Filmography, Movie-Actor, and Six Degrees.

Viewers are invited to tune in and follow along with the cinema-related fun! Each night, we’ll feature a relief fund or charity to spotlight. If you are viewing and donate, send us a screenshot tagged #CinephileGameNight and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the Ultimate Cinephile Prize Pack.

See the gallery of prizes below, including Cinephile: A Card Game, Leave Her To Heaven Criterion Collection Blu-ray, Jordan Peele’s The Pieces of Us book, Peter Jackson’s King Kong Production Diaries box set, Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas book signed by Alonso Duralde, Best. Movie. Year. Ever.: How 1999 Blew Up The Big Screen book signed by author Brian Raftery, Rotten Movies We Love: Cult Classics, Underrated Gems and Films So Bad They’re Good book, exclusive The Flop House podcast merch, Badass Cinema Shirt, AGFA tote bag, Birth.Movies.Death. magazine, Alamo Drafthouse ticket and food vouchers, The Irishman: The Making of The Movie book and more!

Tune into each show on The Film Stage Twitter feed. If you can’t make it at the exact time, each show will also be able to view after, and we’ll update with videos in this post.

SEASON FINALE – Wednesday August 26 at 9pm ET

Cinephile All Star Battle Royale
Special Guests: Alonso Duralde (The Wrap, Who Shot Ya? podcast), Billy Ray Brewton (Scripts Gone Wild), Chris Bumbray (JoBlo), Fran Hoepfner (Bright Wall/Dark Room), Jake Isgar (Alamo Drafthouse SF), Joe Lynch (Point Blank), Marshall Flores (Awards Daily), Marya E. Gates (Netflix), Monica Castillo (Ebert Voices, The Wrap), Stephen Sajdak (We Hate Movies podcast).
Featured Funds: Donate to any of the funds we’ve highlighted all season long. See a full list here.
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Catch up on past episodes here.

Night 20 – Monday June 15 at 9pm ET

Special Guests: Demi Adejuyigbe (Everything’s Great, Gilmore Guys podcast), Kevin T. Porter (Gilmore Guys podcast, Good Christian Fun podcast), Mia Vicino (Willamette Week), Gabe Gundacker (Our Cartoon President)
Featured Fund: Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund 
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Night 21 – Wednesday June 17 at 9pm ET

Bright Wall/Dark Room vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Ethan Warren, Chad Perman, Fran Hoepfner, Carrie Courogen, Zosha Millman, Veronica Fitzpatrick, Forrest Cardamenis, Jeva Lange
Featured Fund: G.L.I.T.S.
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Night 22 – Saturday June 20 at 9pm ET

ScreenCrush x Battleship Pretension vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Matt Singer (ScreenCrush), Josh Spiegel (ScreenCrush), David Bax (Battleship Pretension), Tyler Smith (Battleship Pretension), Scott Nye (Battleship Pretension), Eric D. Snider
Featured Fund: Homeless Black Trans Women Fund
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Night 23 – Wednesday June 24 at 9pm ET

Unspooled podcast vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Paul Scheer (Unspooled podcast, How Did This Get Made? podcast), Amy Nicholson (Unspooled podcast, Zoom podcast), Josh Richmond (Unspooled podcast), Devon Bryant (Unspooled podcast)
Featured Fund: Alamo Family Fund
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Night 24 – Saturday June 27 at 5pm ET

Vidiots vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Clay Keller (Vidiots Trivia, Screen Drafts), Robbie McCluskey (Vidiots Trivia), Kate Hagen (The Black List), Lauren Brown (The Black List), Marya E. Gates (Netflix), Oriana Nudo (Screen Drafts)
Featured Fund: Vidiots Foundation
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Night 25 – Wednesday July 1 at 9pm ET

Special Guests: Angela Watercutter (WIRED), Carrie Wittmer (Vulture, Elle), Carrie Courogen (Bright Wall Dark Room), Emmy Potter (Consequence of Sound), Jourdain Searles (Vanity Fair, Vogue), Karen Kemmerle (Decider)
Featured Fund: The Audre Lorde Project 
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Night 26 – Thursday July 9 at 8pm ET

Pajiba vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Kristy Puchko (Pajiba, IGN), Dustin Rowles (Pajiba), Tori Preston (Pajiba), Roxana Hadadi (Pajiba, Bright Wall Dark Room), Ciara Wardlow (Reject Nation, Pajiba), Max Evry (ComingSoon.net)
Featured Fund: Planned Parenthood 
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Night 27 – Wednesday, July 15 at 9pm ET

We Hate Movies podcast vs. The Film Stage: The Rematch
Special Guests: Stephen Sajdak (We Hate Movies podcast)Chris Cabin (We Hate Movies podcast), Eric Szyszka (We Hate Movies podcast) and Andrew Jupin (We Hate Movies podcast)
Featured Fund: Marsha P. Johnson Institute
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Night 28 – Wednesday, July 22 at 9pm ET

Next Best Picture vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Matt Neglia (Next Best Picture), Michael Schwartz (Next Best Picture), Casey Lee Clark (Next Best Picture), Cody Dericks (Next Best Picture), Josh Parham (Next Best Picture), Dan Bayer (Next Best Picture), Robert Daniels (Ebert Voices, The Playlist)
Featured Fund: Fair Fight
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Night 29 – Wednesday, July 29 at 9pm ET

Film Daze vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Ezra Farner (Film Daze), Joshua Sorensen (Film Daze), Peyton Robinson (Film Daze), Jenna Kalishman (Film Daze), Emily Jacobson (Film Daze), Chris Shortt (Film Daze), Kristen Lopez (IndieWire), Andrew Ortiz (Super Yaki Stuff)
Featured Fund: The Okra Project
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Night 30 – Wednesday, August 5 at 9pm ET

Scripts Gone Wild vs. The Film Stage x One Heat Minute Productions
Special Guests: Billy Ray Brewton (Scripts Gone Wild), Clay Keller (Vidiots Trivia, Scripts Gone Wild), Drea Clark (Who Shot Ya? podcast), Graham Skipper (Re-Animator: The Musical), Darrin Navvaro (Killer Joe, Bug), Clarke Wolfe (Satanic Panic), Ify Nwadiwe (Comedy Central’s @Midnight), Blake Howard (One Heat Minute), Maria Lewis (Josie & The Podcats), Katie Walsh (Miami Nice)
Featured Fund: Vidiots Foundation
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Night 31 – Wednesday, August 12 at 9pm ET

Special Guests: Emily Altman (Big Mouth), Pat Cassels (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee), Christine Nangle (The Simpsons), Frank Garcia-Hejl (Shudder’s Scare Package), Jocelyn DeBoer (Greener Grass), Mike Scollins (Late Night with Seth Meyers), Chris Feil (This Had Oscar Buzz podcast), Joe Reid (This Had Oscar Buzz podcast)
Featured Fund: The Okra Project
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Night 32 – Wednesday August 19 at 9pm ET

The Big Picture podcast vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Sean Fennessey (The Big Picture podcast, The Ringer), Amanda Dobbins (The Big Picture, The Ringer), Chris Ryan (The Watch podcast, The Ringer)
Featured Fund: NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund 
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Night 33 – Saturday August 22 at 4pm ET

Screen Queens vs. The Film Stage
Special Guests: Laura Venning (Screen Queens), Chloë Leeson (Screen Queens), Meg Wilson (Screen Queens), Rose Dymock (Screen Queens), Tasha Kappler (Screen Queens), Ferdosa Abdi (Screen Queens)
Featured Fund: Mermaids

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