Cinephile Game Night has returned with Cinephile Summer, a brand new season featuring your favorite podcasters and filmmakers going head-to-head to see who is the ultimate cinephile. Hosted by The Film Stage’s Jordan Raup, Conor O’Donnell, and Dan Mecca along with Cinephile: A Card Game creator Cory Everett, the series debuts new episodes bi-weekly on The Film Stage Show podcast feed and The Film Stage YouTube channel.

For the fifth episode of Cinephile Summer, we were thrilled to face off against the epic team-up of Happy Sad Confused host Josh Horowitz, Light the Fuse hosts Drew Taylor and Charles Hood, and filmmaker and video essayist Patrick Willems.

And for those of you in Los Angeles, the American Cinematheque is programming a really cool series called “Friend of the Fest” where Cory will be repping Cinephile Summer and introducing a screening of one of our favorite late summer movies, Sam Raimi’s 1990 classic, Darkman this Saturday August 26th. So if you are in LA, grab tickets for that.

Each episode features teams facing off for rounds of Filmography, Movie-Actor and Six Degrees and the team with the most points is crowned the winner. Internet glory ensues. Throughout two seasons and nearly 50 episodes special guests have included podcasts such as Action Boyz, Blank Check, The Big Picture, Filmspotting, The Flop House, Unspooled, We Hate Movies among others. For Cinephile Summer, the series will feature your favorite film podcasts and filmmakers facing off against The Film Stage team.

The show made its debut in March 2020 as a weekly livestream to raise money for film-related charities but word of mouth quickly grew and so did the show, which gained a dedicated following, and eventually attracted over 100,000+ views. Previous guests included pop culture sites (Bright Wall/Dark Room, Collider, EW, Fangoria, IndieWire, SlashFilm) film institutions (Alamo Drafthouse, Letterboxd, MUBI, Turner Classic Movies, Vidiots), comedians (Demi Adejuyigbe, Jon Gabrus, and Paul Scheer), and filmmakers (Alex Ross Perry, David Lowery, Emma Seligman and Isabel Sandoval), and even the legendary critic Leonard Maltin.

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