Returning to its standard May slot for the first time in two years, the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival has now concluded, with a familiar Swede taking home top honors. While our coverage will continue over the next week or so—and far beyond as we provide updates on the journey of these selections—we’ve asked our contributors on the ground to share favorites.

See their picks below, and explore all of our coverage here.

Leonardo Goi (@LeonardoGoi)

1. Pacifiction (Albert Serra)
2. Showing Up (Kelly Reichardt)
3. One Fine Morning (Mia Hansen-Løve)
4. Enys Men (Mark Jenkin)
5. Decision to Leave (Park Chan-wook)
6. The Fabric of the Human Body (Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel)
7. EO (Jerzy Skolimowski)
8. Triangle of Sadness (Ruben Östlund)
9. Scarlet (Pietro Marcello)
10. Funny Pages (Owen Kline)

Luke Hicks (@lou_hicks)

1. Moonage Daydream (Brett Morgen)
2. Pacifiction (Albert Serra)
3. EO (Jerzy Skolimowski)
4. Triangle of Sadness (Ruben Östlund)
5. Aftersun (Charlotte Wells)
6. R.M.N. (Cristian Mungiu)
7. Armageddon Time (James Gray)
8. Paris Memories (Alice Winocour)
9. Decision to Leave (Park Chan-wook)
10. Showing Up (Kelly Reichardt)

David Katz (@davidfabiankatz)

1. Armageddon Time (James Gray)
2. Pacifiction (Albert Serra)
3. EO (Jerzy Skolimowski)
4. The Fabric of the Human Body (Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel)
5. Crimes of the Future (David Cronenberg)
6. Tchaikovsky’s Wife (Kirill Serebrennikov)
7. Brother and Sister (Arnaud Desplechin)
8. Will-o’-the-Wisp (Joāo Pedro Rodrigues)
9. Scarlet (Pietro Marcello)
10. Aftersun (Charlotte Wells)

Rory O’Connor (@RorySeanOC)

1. Pacifiction (Albert Serra)
2. Aftersun (Charlotte Wells)
3. Triangle of Sadness (Ruben Östlund)
4. Crimes of the Future (David Cronenberg)
5. Showing Up (Kelly Reichardt)
6. Armageddon Time (James Gray)
7. One Fine Morning (Mia Hansen-Løve)
8. R.M.N. (Cristian Mungiu)
9. Funny Pages (Owen Kline)
10. Tchaikovsky’s Wife (Kirill Serebrennikov)

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