Welcome to The B-Side, from The Film Stage. Here we talk about movie stars! Not the movies that made them famous or kept them famous, but the ones that they made in between.

Today we talk about one of the best actresses working today: Tilda Swinton!

Our guest is the great Dan Walber, public historian and recovering (!) film critic. Walber is also part of the @closefriendscollective, which you can find on Instagram.

Our B-Sides today are: Edward II, Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon, Possible Worlds, The Deep End, and Teknolust.

Walber speaks to her immediate exceptionalism in Derek Jarman’s ‘80s films, we marvel at her endless range (from Constantine to Snowpiercer and so on and so forth), and I gush about the work of Francis Bacon and the depths of his controversial career after falling in love with Love is the Devil. We talk about the fascination of Laurence Olivier’s final film being a Derek Jarman picture (War Requiem), how Possible Worlds feels impossibly Canadian, and the very particular, joyous world Teknolust lives in.

For more from The B-Side, you can check out highlights of actors/directors and the films discussed in one place here.

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