Unless you were one of the select few to get tickets to see Terrence Malick present and discuss the Roberto Rossellini classic Journey to Italy in New Jersey next month, to help deal with crushing disappointment that you won’t see a rare appearance from the elusive director, we have the next best thing: an educational guide to his upcoming documentary Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience.

Although I haven’t seen the 90-minute Life’s Journey version yet (our Venice review), there’s a lot to admire in this 45-minute cut. Aside from being stunned by every shot, I found Malick’s framing device to be affecting. The introductory text is omniscient and Brad Pitt‘s narration is inquisitive, then Malick’s recurring cuts to a child place the entire journey as if we’re seeing it through their eyes. It’s a humbling perspective to behold as we elegantly glide through, well, everything, strengthened by the staggering clarity in each frame. Malick’s entire career has been showing the beauty all around us, but Voyage of Time is his most direct plea that we don’t take it for granted. Ultimately, it strikes the difficult balance of making one feel infinitesimal and integral at the same time.

It should be required viewing for kids, which makes this guide a great beginner’s tool. Aside from including new images from the film, there’s a number of activities and discussion topics, as well various definitions and resources related to what’s seen in the film. After reading, you may be thinking, “If only we had one of these for Knight of Cups.” Well, we’ve got you covered there.

Check it out embedded below or download it here.


Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience opens on Friday, October 7.

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