It’s now evident that smaller-scale projects from Claire Denis that she completes while waiting for the larger-scale ones to get off the ground are more artistically satisfying (see: Let the Sunshine In and this year’s Both Sides of the Blade). However, a new work from the French auteur is still one to seek out. Her Cannes winner Stars at Noon, starring Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn, adapts Denis Johnson in a sweaty, captivating, and, yes, occasionally aimless tale of strangers in a strange land. A24 will now release the film in theaters and VOD on October 14 followed by a Hulu debut two weeks later and the first trailer has landed.

David Katz said in his review, “It’s intriguing for a long-term fan of a director, perhaps even one whose films you’ve grown up alongside the last decade or two, to watch them stumble slightly. But for Claire Denis, the remarkable auteur in question, even her strongest works can have a teetering, tentative quality, as if you were discovering the dawning narrative and emotional progression in tandem with her.”

Watch the trailer below.

Stars at Noon hits theaters and VOD on October 14 and arrives on Hulu on October 28.

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