Lead of the French indie-pop group Phoenix, Thomas Mars has revealed to The New York Times that his partner Sofia Coppola, director of Marie Antoinette, is currently adapting his song Love Like A Sunset for film.

The song is featured for two tracks on Phoenix’s latest album ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’. Although it is predominantly an instrumental song, toward its end there are a few lyrical lines that will probably form the basis of its adaptation. It seems unusual however, for a song such as this to inspire a feature-length movie. It is more likely that it will be adapted for a short film, perhaps spanning the length of the song which runs for seven minutes and forty-five seconds.

Coppola’s next film, Somewhere, will feature a score by Mars and should hit theaters later this fall once it premieres at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals.

How do you think Mars’ song will be adapted by Coppola?

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