While current seduction tactics on Craigslist are the product of clever marketing, Scarlett Johansson actually put some real-life applications to use for her extraterrestrial character of Laura in Under the Skin. For his follow-up to Sexy Beast and Birth, director Jonathan Glazer had the actress picking up real men off the street, who had no idea they were being filmed. She said, “It was really terrifying, actually. There’s that feeling of knowing something that nobody else does — or only a select few — and not being able to control the situation at all. The challenge was letting go of those fears to, as we say, ‘drive it like ya own it.’ Because otherwise, it didn’t work. It had to be done with total commitment.”

A new featurette has landed, which, aside from providing a few new bits of footage from the film, actually shows the above events being put into motion, with a multitude of hidden cameras. We were recently able to see the film and were major fans of it, so check out the featurette below, as well as more behind-the-scenes stills and a new poster, and return in the coming weeks for our full review, as well as what we learned from Johansson during a New York City press day.

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Under the Skin opens on April 4th.

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