As he ponders a spin-off sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman (personal gossip notwithstanding, we can’t see him returning to that franchise), director Rupert Sanders is also looking at many other projects. He’s lined up a DEA drama, a sci-fi take on Battle of Algiers and a few others, but now another possibility has landed in his lap.

Despite the collective groan we let out when Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman were developing a “realistic, grounded” reboot of Van Helsing, one starring Tom Cruise no less, it looks like things are actually moving forward on the project. Twitch now has news on a possible director in the form of Sanders. While only early talks have begun with the helmer, this project would have the Show White director re-team with Universal Studios.

As for a specific timeframe, Cruise is set to team with Doug Liman for All You Need Is Kill and this could shoot directly after that, so for Universal’s sake hopefully these talks become more of a reality soon. But for our sake, lets hope this thing never sees the light of day. It’s easy to rag on a project like this, but it’s also difficult imagine much enjoyment coming from a return to this world, even as Dark Knight-esque as the filmmakers want to make it.

Do you want to see this as Sanders’ next project?

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