It is indeed a sad day. With news of Paul Thomas Anderson‘s upcoming film The Master expected to shoot in August, we were getting weary when no production updates surfaced. Now Total Film (via The Playlist) reports production has been “postponed indefinitely.” In an interview with The Hurt Locker and The Town star Jeremy Renner he revealed the following:

“I was really bummed about that. It really kind of stalled because when we were rehearsing — Phil, Paul and myself — we kept coming up against a wall that we couldn’t overcome. Or at least Paul couldn’t overcome.”

If this is true, it sounds like it wasn’t strictly production problems. Even though Universal passed on the project. It was set to star Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jeremy Renner and possibly Reese Witherspoon. The film is “very loosely based on the life and times of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.”

With the last PTA film, There Will Be Blood, debuting nearly three years ago, I’m ready for another. I hope they figure out the roadblock here and we hear production news soon. Renner is extremely busy with MI:4 and The Avengers so I hope he can fit time in somewhere when the project gets off the ground.

Are you upset we aren’t going to see another PTA film for awhile?

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