After crafting a worthy return last year with Captain Phillips, Paul Greengrass is now looking for his next project and he seems to be interested in the world of the CIA. Earlier this year he became attached to The Director, and now THR reports he’s looking to direct and possibly adapt the forthcoming book Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA. Coming from Morten Storm, who was a double agent for the CIA, it follows his past life as one-time Islamic radical before being recruited by the government outfit. Produced by Scott Rudin, it has the makings of strong thriller material with a political bent (i.e., perfect for Greengrass).

joe_cornishRevealed at Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures announced that their secretive project set for November 4th, 2016 is Skull Island, a blockbuster that will explore the origins of King Kong. While virtually no other details were present at the time, a few days later they are starting to trickle in. Deadline reports that Max Borenstein (Godzilla) will be writing the script and they have their eye set on Attack the Block helmer Joe Cornish to direct, offering him the gig. Considering Cornish has a few projects on his plate, notably the MI6 thriller Section 6, it’s up in the air if he’ll accept, because if he does, he’ll have to focus solely on this for the next few years.

Morten+Tyldum+Headhunters+64th+Festival+del+NjMWUsWMngMlWith the buzz for The Imitation Game building after a great pair of trailers, we imagine director Morten Tyldum will have his pick of potential projects. Per Variety, he’s now just became attached to his latest, Chain of Events, an Warner Bros. adaptation of Frederick T. Olsson‘s book. With a script by Mark L. Smith, the story follows a cryptologist “who finds himself pulled into an international conspiracy that claims to have created a way to map out all human disasters and terrorism through our DNA.” It certainly sounds intriguing, so hopefully he’ll decide on his next project soon.

Lastly, after directing episodes of Downton Abbey and Dracula, director Brian Kelly is set to create his feature film debut. Screen Daily reports he’ll direct Other People’s Money, which follows the real-life story of a teenage con “man” Elliot Castro, who, for six years, hacked the credit card system and lived a fantasy life across the globe, all while a London detective was on his trail. Adapted from Neil Forsyth‘s book by the author himself, for those looking for a new take on Catch Me If You Can, this sounds like it’ll do the trick.

Which of the above projects are you most looking forward to?

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