Update: Deadline has confirmed the Friedkin will direct Cage in the film. Check out the original story below.

Last year around this time, Nicolas Cage was having a rough TIFF, with his thriller Trespass premiering to horrendous reviews (including our own). This year, however, the actor isn’t even there and it couldn’t be going more smoothly. He’s already attached to lead a David Gordon Green-helmed film that’s selling there and now another promising project has popped up on the Toronto marketplace.

According to a report from Deadline, The Exorcist helmer William Friedkin, coming off his delightfully deranged drama Killer Joe, is looking to make his next film one with Cage in the lead. Titled I Am Wrath, the film is scripted by Paul Sloan and follows a man named Stanley, whose wife was recently murdered. With the police not able to catch the killers, “he uncovers a thick plot of police corruption and realizes that he will have to find justice on his own. As he awakens to the level of degradation of the people sworn to serve and protect, we get a little Rage in the Cage as he becomes a vigilante out to destroy those who abuse their power.”

Yep, sounds like it could be an awesome Cage movie with Friedkin behind the wheel. If Cage is given someone with a strong vision, whether it be Werner Herzog or Neveldine/Taylor (yes, the latest Ghost Rider does have some wacky fun in it), then he is usually able to shine in all of his ridiculous glory. With that in mind, Friedkin couldn’t be a better choice.

Production kicks off this February for an eventual release by Lionsgate.

Do you want to see Friedkin direct Cage?

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