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‘The Crow’ Loses Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Written by on October 14, 2011 

If I were an executive at Relativity Media, I’d take this as a sign to just let it go already. Twitch reports that the company’s upcoming remake of The Crow has lost director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Relativity brought Fresnadillo on board back in April to replace original director Stephen Norrington and helped bring aboard Alex Tse to take over on screenwriting duties. There’s no word on why he left, but Fresnadillo was also offered Summit’s Highlander reboot so that could have factored in his decision. Or maybe he just realized “wait, I’m better than this” and bolted. Let’s just pretend it’s the latter, it’s better and more fun that way.

Relativity’s attempt at bringing back The Crow has been hit with road blocks left and right. Besides the director exits, as well as the exit of original screenwriter Nick Cave, they haven’t even been able to nail down an actor to play the lead character of Eric Draven. Mark Wahlberg was rumored but he shot that down quick much to the delight of every Crow fan on the planet (and me). Then they actually got to the negotiations stage with Bradley Cooper for the lead, but he dropped out to star in Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost (Proyas directed the original 1994 Crow so I’m sure he did a fist pump upon stealing Cooper away).

All of the chaos surrounding this project just brings to mind a simple question: why even bother continuing? It just seems like it isn’t worth the hassle, especially for something that’s already been beaten to death for almost two decades already. Let it go guys, seriously.

Is The Crow worth the trouble, or should Relativity just move on to something else?

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