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Seth Rogen & Co. Will Mock Pixar With Their “Existential” R-Rated Sausage-Led Animation

Written by on October 2, 2013 

Although Seth Rogen has provided his voice for such animated films as Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs Aliens, when it was announced he’ll be bringing his regular crew along for a new feature-length animation project titled Sausage Party, we knew it would be something very different.

Backed by Sony and Megan Ellison‘s Annapurna Pictures, the film — also produced by Rogen’s This is the End co-director Evan Goldberg and co-star Jonah Hill — will follow a sausage and its quest to “discover the truth about his existence.” The official synopsis reads, “After falling out of a shopping cart, our hero sausage and his new friends embark on a perilous journey through the supermarket to get back to their aisles before the 4th of July sale.” We’ve now got a few more details on the film, directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan.

Speaking with Movieweb, Goldberg describes it as an “existential mock-Pixar movie.” He adds, “we are very, very proud of it. Its our opus. Its like Mr. Holland’s Opus! It’s our take on a Pixar movie. It is very, very R rated.” Don’t let his sentiment fool you, however, as he says, “I wish there were fifty Pixar movies every year. But listen, someone should take those motherf-ckers down a notch. Those high and mighty bastards. We’re mocking all animated movies, with a special eye on Pixar.”

He also confirms the plot, saying “Yes, it is about a sausage in a supermarket. That is correct. He goes on an epic journey to get back to his isle before the 4th of July, and reunite with his pack of sausage friends.” Pixar certainly has their fair share of anthropomorphized characters and we can already see the easily available sausage-related jokes for this crew, but let’s hope their mocking can still create something genuinely funny and even…heartwarming?

Sausage Party is aiming for a 2015 release.

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