Yesterday Pixar debuted a new trailer during the NASCAR Daytona 500 to promote the impending release of Cars 2. And where the teaser released last November played on the new cast additions and action, this reveals a bit more of the plot and of course more jokes – by which I mean more toilet humor.

Trailer courtesy of First Showing.

So Larry the Cable Guy and Owen Wilson have returned, but now they’re taking their Ugly American antics abroad where they confront a menacing villain-car (Michael Caine) and the confounding dangers of a bidet…for cars.

Personally, I’m a big Pixar fan, but the allure of the first Cars alluded me. And while the Pixar blog boasts, “[This spot] deftly balances the action and comedy aspects of the movie. How could anybody not look forward to seeing Cars 2 after watching this?” I’m have to admit, I’m still not hooked. What am I missing?

Cars 2 will race into theaters on June 24th, 2011.

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