Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s long-awaited Memoria, starring Tilda Swinton, finally premiered at Cannes Film Festival last year to a rapturous response. Then, in the fall, NEON announced a “never-ending” theatrical tour but the film only stopped by IFC Center and a Chicago theater before things went quiet. A few months later and plans have now been solidified with the announcement of the tour featuring over 100 engagements across the country beginning on April 1st through October, with more to be added.

“For Memoria, cinema experience is crucial or maybe the only way. Let’s embrace the darkness and dream, one at a time,” Weerasethakul said. The run, which includes an option to suggest a location, will feature non-traditional venues like pop-up drive-ins, museums, art galleries, university screenings, and outdoor events alongside arthouse cinemas.

“I just feel like family. I don’t feel that I was working with a really famous actor or Hollywood or something,” Weerasethakul told us about working with Swinton. “Because she’s always there and gives her total time. Not only to me, but also to the family. We lived together in that period and also played together, you know? Partying is also important. And Tilda is so hands on in that department. I just feel that it was a great trip. We work hard and play hard. It’s sometimes unspeakable because it’s not about story. It’s about certain movement through different scenes, and appearance is not much. But for us it’s really heavy work to try to find this Jessica. And every time I keep asking her, “How do you feel? How do you feel?” It’s so spontaneous and, at the same time, really physical.”

See the new teaser below and all playdates here.

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