There’s no doubt that the year in cinema has delivered some stellar scores and soundtracks and today we’ve a variation on two of the best. We’ve already featured Jonny Greenwood‘s released score for Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master, but now, as awards season is in full swing, The Weinstein Company has went ahead and made available a score featuring different cuts and unreleased tracks from the drama. One can have a listen on the awards site (via The Playlist) as we await details to see if these will get an official release.

As Django Unchained tears up the box office, we already had a listen at the released soundtrack from the film featuring Rick Ross, John Legend and even Ennio Morricone, but  now we’re able to get inside Quentin Tarantino‘s mind regarding his music choices. The director stopped by Sirius to provide commentary after every track, so even if you’ve listened to it on end the past few weeks, this should provide some new insight. Stream it below thanks to JoBlo.

Click to listen: Jonny Greenwood’s The Master Score (ft. Unreleased Tracks)

1. Baton Sparks
2. Able Bodied Seamen v1
3. Time Hole v1
4. Time Hole v2
5. The Split Sabre Combined
6. Overtones v1
7. Alethia
8. Overtones v2
9. Able Bodied Seamen v2
10. His Masters Voice
11. Application 45 v1
12. Overtones v3
13. Overtones v4 and v5
14. Back Beyond
15. Sweetness Of Freddie
16. Overtones v6
17. Back Beyond Credits

Are these two of your favorite scores of the year?

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