Before presenting his latest masterwork Coma at Toronto’s Innis Town Hall this Thursday, May 4––TFS readers get a 10% discount with the code “TFSComa”––I’m delighted to see Bertrand Bonello has published a new album of his film scores. They’re certainly the best any working director’s laid tracks for (John Carpenter will reclaim that title in the unlikely scenario he steps behind a camera once more), and great enough to merit multiple releases––having produced a vinyl record of them for Grasshopper Film in 2018, it’s appreciated finding both overlaps and new discoveries here.

Sound of Bonello collects music ranging as far back as 2008’s On War (about which I interviewed him in 2015) to last year’s Coma, a span that does well representing some totality of Bonello’s musical vision: dark, Carpenter-like synths and baroque, funereal works granted equal footing with French house. Bonus for bookending the record with Coma‘s haunting opening and closing pieces, which will of course sound great on the Innis’ speakers this Thursday.

Stream below:

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