After setting A24 history with a record opening weekend, Josh and Benny Safdie’s thrilling Uncut Gems will finally open in wide release this Christmas, which is probably better than any present one will receive this holiday. Ahead of the wide release, we’ve got another treat: a one-hour conversation with the directors and another director that gave Adam Sandler one of his greatest performances: Paul Thomas Anderson.

The wide-ranging conversation, of course, kicks off discussing the brilliance of the actor, including how PTA adores Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore, but didn’t love The Waterboy and he, along with the Safdies, has never seen Going Overboard. PTA also talks stopping by the Little Nicky set with Quentin Tarantino and what he learned on the set of Eyes Wide Shut.

Other topics in the lively talk include working with cinematographer Darius Khondji, Boogie Nights, how Sandler had to be in character during the entire shoot, NYC movie-watching, how Uncut Gems and Phantom Thread are secretly about filmmaking, PTA’s desire for his own personal 35mm print of Uncut Gems, and much, much more. Listen below.

The Safdies also had an extensive discussion with Kenneth Lonergan for The DGA Podcast. (Warning: spoilers!) Listen below.

For more on all things Adam Sandler and Uncut Gems, listen to our discussion of the actor’s most forgotten films on The B-Side below. Also, check out our interview with the Safdies here.

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