If your biggest cash-cow is suddenly drying up, it only makes business sense to explore every possible route to continue raking in profits — it is Hollywood, after all. With The Twilight Saga attempting to end the story found in Stephenie Meyer‘s novels next month, we’ve heard it straight from Lionsgate that they hope the series will find new life. We even got word over the summer that this could mean we get a new film in the form of a direct remake, spin-off or one-off sequel. But now we have some more details on the continuation of the series.

Sources from the studio indicate Lionsgate is hard at work on a follow-up and the options have a varied range. Right now the studio is reportedly interested in leaving our main trio of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner behind and continuing with a film spin-off, or even a TV show, that is “set in the same world.” As to who we could follow, “one area of interest” is the werewolf pack that Lautner originated from. While details are currently scarce, I’m curious at the appeal of this world without its main stars, seemingly the major draw for fans. Either way, expect a lot more Twilight coming our way. [Moviehole]

Where do you think the Twilight series should go after Breaking Dawn – Part Two?

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