The central image for the just released poster for Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz Lebanon is truly breathtaking. The film which centers on a group of soldiers trapped in a tank has a certain claustrophobic feel akin to this year’s Sundance entry Buried.

Lebanon is a sensual film in the dictionary sense of the word. The majority of the action takes place inside the tank, and a hot, sweaty, rusted-out place it is, rank with the odours of men and fear. Maoz is supported by a cast of Israel’s finest up-and-coming young actors. He shows us war through the eyes of Yigal (Michael Moshonov, also starring in Bena at the Festival this year), Gamil (Zohar Strauss of Kirot and Eyes Wide Open) and Asi (Itay Tiran of Beaufort). In addition, Yoav Donat plays Maoz as a young gunner. None of these men are heroes, none of them eager to kill or die themselves. Source: TIFF

Sounds interesting right? Unfortunately the poster above is from the upcoming UK release. We’ll keep you updated of a release date when Sony Pictures Classic decides to announce one. Until then, keep staring at the flowers and the tank. Do you ever see a movie based on its poster?

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