Combatting rumors prompted by her highly publicized affair with the original film’s director Rupert SandersKristen Stewart recently confirmed that she would indeed be returning for the sequel to this year’s Snow White and the Huntsman.

Starring Stewart and Chris Hemsworth as the two title characters, word previously hit that a sequel may morph into simply a spin-off film featuring the latter star. However, Universal Pictures was quick to shut down the rumors, saying that they were still looking into all possibilities for their newest potential franchise. While no news yet on the plot of the sequel, Stewart recently confirmed her involvement by telling Indiewire that it’s “gonna be f*ckin’ amazing,” and that she was already in trouble for saying too much about the project.

Despite falling flat with her blockbuster choices, Stewart has received some praise for her turn on On The Road and we’re looking forward to her leading Glenn Ficarra and John Requa‘s (Crazy, Stupid, Love.) crime flick Focus. It’d be nice to see her move on from the incessant media wave this year, but based on Stewart’s comments a new director is coming aboard, so whether you’re interested in a sequel or not, expect to wait some time before the production starts to pick up steam.

Are you looking forward to a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel led by Stewart?

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