is an online database for informing users of the short period of downtime in a new theatrical film release when it is best to run to the bathroom. Last week, Apple’s App store approved the Web site to also serve as a new iPhone application, according to ABC News.

This way, your phone can prepare you for a cue line and take notes while you’re gone. On the way back to your seat, you can hit a button to unscramble text that provides a short synopsis.

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The idea is kind of ingenious because none of us want to return to our seat and find out from our friend that we missed that absolutely crucial moment.

Creator Dan Florio developed the site in its earliest stages a few years ago (inspired by Peter Jackson’s mega-long King Kong), but today it is up and running. Wall-E was the site’s first – Florio recommended a two-minute break about 30 minutes in after Wall-E and Eve talk.

Florio encourages anyone with ideas to submit to the site.

I understand most Peter Jackson films, the overbearing Michael Bay eyesores and the occasional Public Enemies could run a toll on the human bladder. However, I’ve always been one to respect the work in its entirety  – and either prep beforehand or avoid the jumbo cola receptacles. The iPhone accessory is no doubt nifty, but I’m going to do my best to hold it in for now.

What are some films in recent memory that arguably allow for no brief urinary intermission?

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