This Could Be You!

This Could Be You!

Filmmaker Rob Spence is best known for equipping his prosthetic eye with a camera. The eccentric Canadian director is currently in development on Eyeborg, a documentary centered on turning a disability into a “superpower,” and his latest casting call is raising eyebrows:

CASTING CALL: ‘One-legged woman who wants machine gun replacement…just like fictional character Cherry Darling’s leg in Grindhouse by Robert Rodriquez… I am looking for a woman missing one of her legs to have as much fun in the post-human realm as I have. Get some hot shit engineers and companies on board then live out a super hero fantasy. I want to help her Pimp Their Gimp.”

Spence goes on to say his favorite man/machine melds are the Six Million Dollar Man and Cherry Darling. So, of course he wants to make this woman a reality.

But hang on there – not all one-legged ladies with a need for below the waist artillery need apply. Spence qualifies: “Your missing leg should be machine gun appropriate,” (obviously) and, “We need an athletic, ass-kicking, kinda girl who wants on board,” and preferably lives near Spence‘s home in Toronto.

So if you want to be a re-creation of an homage to exploitation cinema, please make sure you’re hot enough to pull off the one-leg-one-gun look.

Now to be clear, ladies, you won’t get a real machine gun, but rather a paintball gun with the appearance of a machine gun. Still interested? You can send your picture and height to

UPDATE: One of our readers Al, sent in this link showing how it has been done before. Check it out!

Who’s your favorite cyborg?

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