Could we have the first big international hit of 2013? While we’re hoping that honor goes to Wong Kar-wai‘s recently premiered The Grandmaster, the French production Mobius is making a strong case. We got a teaser last fall that painted a thriller not unlike a Christoper Nolan-helmed Hollywood tentpole and now a full-length trailer has arrived that hasn’t swayed our notion.

Right from the beginning shot, it seems like something from the hands of Wally Pfister, leading all the way up to the Inception-esque title cards and the general tone. While we didn’t understand about half the teaser due to our language barrier, it still displays a sense of intrigue, especially seeing The Artist star Jean Dujardin in a role like this one. He’s joined by Pulp Fiction‘s Tim Roth and The Kid with a Bike‘s Cécile De France, and one can see the trailer for  Eric Rochant’s drama, set in the world of high finance, below.

Mobius arrives in international cinemas this February with no US date yet.

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