One of the most purely enjoyable movies to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival found June Squibb on a mission for justice. Josh Margolin’s debut Thelma finds the nonagenarian actor in, shockingly, her first leading role (starring alongside Richard Roundtree in his final role) as a grandma who hunts down a phone scammer who pretended to be her grandson (Fred Hechinger). Also starring Parker Posey, Clark Gregg, and Malcolm McDowell, it’s arriving June 21 and Magnolia Pictures has now debuted the first trailer.

Jake Kring-Schreifels said in his review, “At the beginning of Thelma––a loveable, low-stakes joyride from director Josh Margolin––the movie’s eponymous 93-year-old grandmother sits on the couch with her grandson Daniel and marvels at Tom Cruise. They’re watching a recent Mission: Impossible sequel on her tiny television and can’t fathom Cruise’s running and jumping daredevil-ism at his weathered age. Thelma may live alone, need hearing aids, play solitaire, have trouble typing out an email, and get flustered when pop-up ads surprise her online. But much like America’s most extreme action star, she knows she’s still got it, too.”

See the trailer below.

Thelma opens on June 21.

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