Update: Ahead of its correctly guessed Venice debut, an English-subtitled trailer for Coup de Chance has arrived. Find it below with the original story.

It’s a strange thing, needing subtitles for a Woody Allen film. The writer-director-your mileage surely varies has set across the world offering nothing but his distinct cadence, whether an actor knows how to play it or not, but in later years (and with far more difficulty obtaining notable financing) Allen has fully embraced his European fetishizations with Coup de Chance, a French-language, in-his-words “poisonous romantic thriller” à la Match Point.

Allen’s pariah status need not be relitigated, hard as I laughed at this, but that dovetails with two persistent rumors about the film: a) it’s very good, so much so that certain programmers who’d previously sworn Allen off are now reconsidering some change of tune; b) the Venice Film Festival has locked a premiere. Case (maybe) in (match) point that Coup de Chance opens in France on September 27, ahead of which is a trailer––sadly lacking subtitles, but suffused with Storaro sheen, featuring the great Melvil Poupaud firing a hunting rifle, and already boasting more notable images than the entirety of Rifkin’s Festival. We’ll repost when a subbed trailer comes in; for now major anticipation is doing the linguistic hurtles.

Find preview (now with English subtitles) and poster below:

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