Here’s a nice summer surprise: a new action thriller directed by John Woo is arriving this August. Following up last year’s Silent Night, Woo has directed a reimagining of his own 1989 classic, The Killer. Scripted by Brian Helgeland, the update of the same name (which has nothing to do with David Fincher’s film from last year) stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Sam Worthington, Omar Sy, Diana Silvers, Saïd Taghmaoui, Tchéky Karyo, Eric Cantona, and Grégory Montel. Sadly relegated to just streaming, it’ll arrive on Peacock on August 23 and now the first images have arrived.

Here’s the synopsis: Nathalie Emmanuel is Zee, a mysterious and infamous assassin known, and feared, in the Parisian underworld as the Queen of the Dead. But when, during an assignment from her shadowy mentor and handler Finn (Sam Worthington), Zee refuses to kill a blinded young woman, Jenn (Diana Silvers), in a Paris nightclub, the decision will disintegrate Zee’s alliances, attract the attention of a savvy police investigator Sy (Omar Sy), and plunge her into a sinister criminal conspiracy that will set her on a collision course with her own past.

“I love the original movie,” Emmanuel tells IGN. “I’ve seen it more than a couple of times. (John Woo) was an innovator of action, in my opinion. And just really cared about not just the action, and the sort of excitement and the spectacle of the action, but really cares about the characters and their emotional dilemma as you put it. And so it’s an excellent movie. I’ve seen a lot of John’s movies. I’m a massive fan of Face/Off. I think it’s one of my favorites of his, and Mission: Impossible 2 is obviously fantastic.”

See the images below.

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