It was just a few weeks ago we exclusively shared the news that Harmony Korine had completed his next project, an action-oriented feature shot entirely in infrared starring Travis Scott. Since then, another Harmony Korine-Travis Scott project had a surprise release while Venice Film Festival announced the action picture would premiere out of competition at the festival.

It’s titled Aggro Dr1ft, and the first image has been unveiled and can be seen above in all of its Predator-esque infrared glory. Also starring Jordi Molla (Bad Boys II, Colombiana), the film clocks in at 80 minutes, and outside of not being produced by A24, that’s about all we know regarding the project thus far.

Since his 2012 hit Spring Breakers, Korine has only directed one other feature––2019’s The Beach Bum––so we’re quite looking forward to seeing what he has in store with this mysterious new project. Check back for our review from Venice in just over a month.

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