One of the most anticipated upcoming geek films coming out this year is Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. So far, everything that’s been heard from the test screenings is that it’s as awesome as one would expect. Kevin Smith confirmed this. Yesterday when I talked to Smith I asked him about what films he’s seen that we haven’t yet. This is the man that saw Watchmen and Star Trek well before their release dates. Soon he started to gush about how great Pilgrim is, how great Edgar is, and even how Quentin Tarantino liked it. As a quick side note, Smith also mentioned he saw Kick-Ass and really liked it. Here’s what he had to say Pilgrim:

“I saw Edgar’s movie, Scott Pilgrim. That movie is great. It’s spellbinding and nobody is going to understand what the fuck just hit them. I would be hard pressed to say,”he’s bringing a comic book to life!” but he is bringing a comic book to life. If you’ve ever seen Scott Pilgrim, he did a fucking damn fine job of taking essentially an anime looking book and putting it into the real world while keeping everything about that book that’s kind of cool and what pops. He describes it as Say Anything meets Kill Bill and he’s not that far from accuracy. The chick who plays Knives, the little Asian girl, she’s going to be a star. She is adorable in the movie and not that everyone [is]. You’ve seen the other cats in other flicks, but she’s new to me. She pulled off the anime wide-eyed expression without any CG effects so incredibly well. I remember watching the movie and going,”oh my god, she’s like a living cartoon right now.” When she shows excitement [Kevin does a squeal to replicate the excitement] like that kind of thing. Whenever they draw them in anime, the character’s eyes get incredibly circular and wide, she’s able to do that. That’s cool. Michael Cera is really great. He’s also doing something that’s different from what most people know him as in terms of the character. He’s a little more self assured and Bugs Bunny-like than George Michael. The fight scenes are fun. It’s just a fucking good time, man. That dude, I considered that dude [Edgar Wright] one of the most talented filmmakers working today. I love Quentin [Tarantino] and I’ve loved everything Quentin has done, but I think Edgar is just kind of leaps ahead of the rest of us. This dude fucking thinks in these cinematic terms and visuals that’s still closely related and tied into the story. He’s not one of those guys who say’s, “fuck story and fuck dialogue.”  He’s the complete package. I’m always concentrated on what people are saying and trying to make it funny, shit like that. He does that while also trying to make it a cinematic, a visceral cinematic experience. I like his stuff so much. Shaun of the Dead is an immediately watchable movie. I can watch it and then start it over to watch it again. I feel the same way about Hot Fuzz, maybe not as intensely because Shaun of the Dead works aside from being a homage film. It works as a romantic comedy, a study on relationships, and it works on a bunch of different levels. He’s the goods and if someone said, “you gotta pick one guy and you’d have to watch only his movies for the rest of your life,” I’d pick Edgar. He’s done no wrong, as far as I’m concerned.”

I also asked him what Quentin Tarantino thought. Here are his remarks about Quentin and Jason Reitman.

“I mean Quentin loves everything. He’s a true movie fan and if you wanna talk about a true believer, good lord. He’s the original true believer. He was really into it. I don’t know what he said to Edgar, but he seemed really into it. Jason was into it as well.”

Make sure to check back for updates on Red State, Smith’s (possible) space comedy with Seth Rogen, and on whether or not we will see another Evening with Kevin Smith. Also be sure to check out the full, extensive interview in the coming weeks at DVD Talk.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World hits theaters August 13th.

Do Smith’s comments make you more excited about Scott Pilgrim?

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