Eric Brevig has signed on to direct the upcoming family adventure movie William Tell 3D starring Brendan Fraser, replacing previous director Nick Hurran (AMC’s The Prisioner mini-series) [Deadline]. The movie, which begins shooting in Romania next Spring, will follow Fraser as the famous historical figure who was forced to shoot an apple placed on his son’s head with an arrow because he defied a potentate of the Hapsburg monarch. Tell’s defiant act, and subsequent victory to boot, lead to a revolution that eventually resulted in the formation of Switzerland, a country that loves its watches almost as much as it loves its chocolate.

Fraser and Brevig are no strangers to each other, having worked together in 2009’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Brevig also helmed last year’s Yogi Bear, another 3D movie, so it’s safe to say he’s familiar with the technology although one could argue he hasn’t done much of value with it. With Brevig on board, the budget for the movie has been raised to 27 million dollars (which actually doesn’t seem like a lot now that I write it) and the script is currently being retweaked before shooting officially begins. That’s not stopping William Tell 3D from being sold before it’s even began, as Arclight Pictures is looking to find a buyer during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The story of William Tell is interesting material to work with, but since it’ll be a family adventure I doubt it’ll really get too deep with it. Plus both Fraser and Brevig’s track record with family films isn’t exactly the greatest unless you’re the one masochist who truly loves Furry Vengeance and feel compelled to disagree with me. I have no interest in this personally, but maybe I’ll be surprised. But here’s what I do know: they’re doing the 3D just for the arrow into the apple. That’s their money shot.

Do you want to see William Tell’s story becoming family adventure fodder?

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