Paramount has hired writer Chase Palmer to further adapt Pierre Morel’s forthcoming Dune film. Josh Zetumer‘s (Quantun of Solace) draft will be tweaked more towards Morel’s vision, which he claims is close to Frank Herbert’s epic civilization novel. “Kevin Misher and Richard Rubinstein are producing the new Paramount version, which they hope will spark a franchise.” [THR]

It feels like years since Peter Berg dropped off the project and Morel was hired to start over again, the whole project itself a re-do of the 1984 David Lynch/Universal disaster. Or re-imagining. Sorry.

And despite the significant under-performance of Morel’s recent John Travolta-led From Paris With Love, Paramount appears to determined to move forward with this huge undertaking.

Is it a sign of confidence, or desperation?

What do you think about this constantly new Dune?

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