After working on the script for well over a year, the news dropped last month that Aaron Sorkin would reunite with The Social Network director David Fincher for another look at a technology pioneer with the Steve Jobs biopic. While Fincher is holed away cutting Gone Girl ahead of a release this fall, it looks like things are moving faster than expected on the project, with the first talk of potential casting arriving today.

He went from Batman to Moses and, now, The Wrap tells us Christian Bale is Fincher’s choice to play the late Apple co-founder. While the actor hasn’t begun talks for the project, the trade reports that he’s Fincher’s sole choice and, if he doesn’t end up coming aboard, Fincher could drop the project. With no other roles confirmed for Bale, he’d certainly have time in his schedule, particularly considering production isn’t planning to start until the end of the year or by early 2015.

Produced by Scott Rudin and based on Walter Isaacson‘s biography, the Sony Pictures project takes quite an unexpected approach: we learned well over a year ago that the film would contain “around three 30-minute scenes all set right before three major product launches.” These time periods would be the launch of the first Mac (early 1984), the NeXT (throughout 1997, around the time Jobs returned), and the iPod (late 2001).

Do you think Bale is a good fit for Jobs?

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