Did you know a new David Fincher film opens today? It’s the first time in nearly a decade––November 2020 release Mank sure wasn’t a viable theatrical entity––but as a Netflix joint, The Killer gets a limited (albeit bigger-than-usual) release; unless you live in a major city or have a canny local programmer, it’s another two weeks of waiting until streaming.

To remind you one stage of release begins today and another in a fortnight, Netflix have released a new trailer––one I won’t watch after making it this far without seeing a full second of footage and because I’m lucky enough to have a nearby theater playing it. And especially when we recommend the Michael Fassbender-led, globe-hopping assassin story, with Luke Hicks writing out of Venice, “It’s the latest chapter in Fincher’s long history with Netflix, and while easily suited to the streamer’s house aesthetic––episodic structure; quick, flashy titles (reminiscent, in a way, of one of the director’s iconic DVD menus); a color palette and tone that is never too light and never too dark––it brings together a perfect marriage of director and source material, offering a reminder of his signature brooding style. It’s a clear return to form.”

Find the preview below:

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