In terms of comebacks, it’s safe to say one of the biggest of the year is Chris Tucker. The actor has not starred in a film outside of the Rush Hour franchise in over 15 years, but this week he returns with one of fall’s most well-received dramas, David O. Russell‘s Silver Linings Playbook. But it looks as if that’s only the first step in a career revival, as reports have come in he’s in talks for another Weinstein Company project.

We heard rumors that Jamie Foxx, Idris Elba and Chris Rock were all lining up for the Hollywood remake of The Intouchables, a drama about a friendship between a disabled man and his caretaker (which we loved). Having already grossed over a massive $400 million worldwide, the film directed by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, is France’s Oscar entry and we’ve known for some time Harvey Weinstein is launching the remake, with Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) directing Colin Firth.

However, Feig recently remained coy, saying he knows who he wants for the opposite role, but couldn’t reveal yet. Now we have a real contender, as Blackfilm has news straight from Tucker that he’s circling the role. Tucker admitted he has seen the original and added, “I have been talking with them (producers) about doing it. I hope something will come out of it because I really like the movie and they are in the process of getting it together. So there’s a possibility that it might happen.” So, certainly no confirmation yet, but its the first actor we’ve heard of in that role, originated by Omar Sy, actually speaking with the producers.

As we wait for more news, check out Feig’s quote on the project, which he aims to do after he finishes up the Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock comedy The Heat:

I finished a draft before we did this and there’s a rewrite I want to do, to make it even better. It’s one of those nerve-wracking things, so I’m just powering through it. It’s an adaptation of that movie, and that movie is so good, so I’m trying not to stray too much, structurally, but it’s actually kind of fun to write, because I’m Americanizing it, and putting my voice in it, but trying not to mess it up. I’m really excited about this one. The French version is one of the most loveable films. It’s a crowd-pleaser.

Would you like to see Tucker take the role?

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