Update: a second preview has been provided to us by Cinea and Foundation Chantal Akerman. Find it and the original trailer below.

Though long a rare object, even by the director’s shamefully unrestored standards, Chantal Akerman’s Toute une nuit has never struggled for superb reputation—among her best, which in the scope of one of the greatest filmographies ever…

Needless to say we’re excited the Fondation Chantal Akerman, an initiative launched by family members after her death in 2015, have completed work on a 2K restoration of Toute une nuit with color-grading overseen by DP Caroline Champetier. It debuts at Belgian Film Archive’s CINEMATEK on October 4, ahead of which is a trailer (no subs required) that promises both an image faithful to 35mm presentation and crisp sound while—not for nothing—also encapsulating Akerman’s vision of people wandering Brussels in search of love. God willing a U.S. release looms shortly.

Find the new preview(s) and poster below:

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