The best documentary of the year thus far, Theo Anthony’s Rat Film follow-up All Light, Everywhere explores how technological breakthroughs (and pitfalls) in filmmaking have reverberated throughout history to both embolden and trick our perceptions of perspective––including how it pertains to surveillance and police body camera footage. Following a Sundance premiere and stops at True/False and New Directors/New Films, NEON’s Super LTD will release the film on June 4. Ahead of the debut, the first trailer and poster have arrived.

I said in my Sundance review, “More sprawling than the clearly delineated sections of Rat FilmAll Light, Everywhere is split into three chapters and an epilogue, but its areas of focus are spread throughout the film. We get a executive-guided tour of the company Axon (formerly TASER International, Inc.), who now have the vast market share when it comes to police body cameras; a Baltimore PD training session where participants equip these body cameras; a “neuromarketing” focus group exploring how people emotionally respond to various forms of media; a look inside a new birds-eye-view surveillance company; and groups of people experiencing the solar eclipse of August 2017. Through all of these contexts, Anthony once again excels at synthesizing immense research, weighty ideas, flashes of the surreal, and the oddities of human behavior into an enlightening, entertaining experience.”

Watch the trailer below.

All Light, Everywhere opens in theaters on June 4.

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