If the last few years are any indication, 3D only seems to work well when in the hands of a competent director who has a clear vision for its implementation (see: Hugo, Life of Pi) and Alfonso Cuarón‘s Gravity is, perhaps, the best execution yet. Coupled with the director’s long, immersive takes and various P.O.V. shots, the 3D is never distracting and helps one truly grasp the vastness of the setting. Today brings a new featurette, in which WB highlights this selling point, featuring interviews with Sandra Bullock, Cuarón, and more.

But before we get to the featurette, we have a hint on what the director may do next. Speaking with Vulture for a fantastic profile that’s well worth reading in its entirety, Cuarón said that he has been discussing a reteam with his son, Jonas, for a horror film. He adds, “I don’t mean slasher, something more psychological, more emotional, something that festers.” We’d certainly love to see such a project — one that hopefully will take less than 7 years — and, while we await more details, check out the featurette below, along with a extensive 30-minute interview. One can also read our TIFF review of the space thriller if you missed it.

Gravity opens on October 4th.

Are you planning to experience Gravity in 3D? What would you like to see Alfonso Cuarón do next?

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