Marking an incredible escape from director jail, Alex Cox is ramping up his first feature in seven years (and perhaps the first well-financed project in 20-plus). At this year’s Berlinale and European Film Market he’ll shop Repo Man 2: The Wages of Beer, which continues directly from his 1984 cult classic as Otto (Emilio Estevez the first time around, Dark Winds‘ Kiowa Gordon now), having aged a total of 90 minutes, boards “his trusty 1967 Chevy Malibu to journey across the infinities of time and space.” [Variety]

Cox has mostly laid low in recent years, directing the odd microbudget project here and there––among them a spiritual sequel, Repo Chick, that looks more like a Tim and Eric sketch than studio production––making this return to feature filmmaking quite notable. Though primarily known for Repo Man or Sid and Nancy, his filmography’s studded with treasures: Walker, Straight to Hell, and (personal favorite) Three Businessmen boast a punk-with-classicism sensibility that is simply non pareil. Per Cox’s typical vibe, the first statement promises Repo Man 2 will exude “punk energy, existential comedy, and unconventional storytelling, navigating the absurd and chaotic world of repo men into a new age of nuclear brinkmanship and driverless cars.”

Buffalo 8 Productions are handling the title alongside  Lorenzo O’Brien, of Cox’s Walker and Highway Patrolman.

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